Taking Back Uniforms

What do you wear to work?  It seems that more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon of giving their employees uniforms to wear. For some, however, the word “uniforms” brings back memories of itchy plaid skirts, choking neckties, and pinching shoes from school as a kid.  Despite their less than stellar reputation, uniforms should not have to live in the shadows of bad connotations and unpleasant memories!  Good company apparel is bringing new light to a dark past. How?

Company Morale: While some may argue that company uniforms are detrimental to individuality and hamper creativity, I take the decidedly opposite view.  From soccer teams to high school marching bands, I’ve been a part of many teams in my life and have seen firsthand how a strong feeling of community can lead to greater productivity and success than a group of isolated individuals with little attachment to their team.  When someone feels like they are an integral part of a community, they feel more comfortable and are willing to work harder and express ideas, leading to a more efficient and imaginative office setting.


Casual Fridays: Office uniforms not your thing?  Some offices use company apparel for casual Fridays as a way to allow your employees to “dress down” a bit while still professionally representing the company.

Easier for Customers: One of the most obvious reasons for easily recognizable company apparel is probably also the most important. Ever had a question in a store and had to hunt down an employee?  Ever spent twenty minutes looking for someone before just giving up?  By giving your employees a simple uniform, you are making it that much for potential clients to get the help they need.  If they can’t find you, it will be difficult for them to support your business.

Out of Office: Company camaraderie does not end when the workday does!  More and more offices are sponsoring events like employee picnics, charity walk teams, and even interoffice competitions to better create a bond between coworkers. Wearing company apparel at these fun events will reinforce your company’s position in their minds as more than just someplace they go to make ends meet.

With all the easy-care, wrinkle-free, and stylish options available, employees can proudly wear your brand while being comfortable and looking professional.

-by Jenna Marie, Chief Code Breaker

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