Time Matters

Everyone wants a great deal, especially in this economy. With the ease of searching on the internet, many companies feel that they are saving a bundle on marketing products by having an employee search around for the best price.

Unfortunately, dollar for dollar, the company spends almost 30% more using this method because of the cost of the employees wages to do the searching, along with the costly mistakes of using unknown vendors and relying on that voice on the phone.

What to do? Find vendors that are local, reliable, and reasonably priced-ones that you can count on to get the job done right the first time! You may find out quickly how little that employee has to do all day – for the $20K/year that he adds to your bottom line!

My Marketing Just Doesn’t Work!

I hear it over and over: “My marketing isn’t working!” Well, sometimes that is true. You’ve spent the time perfectly crafting your message and put it out there, but there is no response!

There could be many reasons for this.

  1. Your message is hitting the wrong target. Did you take the time to research and pinpoint your target market and direct that marketing message to them specifically?
  2. You haven’t hit the target enough times. Experts say your message must hit a prospect anywhere from 5 to 20 times before it registers. How many times did you attack with the same message?
  3. You need professional help. (No, not THAT kind of help – I mean marketing help!). Consult a marketing and design professional about your message. Are you saying the right things and putting together a piece that grabs your prospects attention – and keeps there attention?

Ok, you’ve done all of the above and it’s STILL not working? Change it up! Change the method you are using to target that market, change your message, change your target! Whatever you do – don’t do nothing -that never works!

Your Marketing Partner in Crime

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